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The Bee Lie Bee Lie Eee

Today is exactly one month since “the surrender”. It really feels like much longer than that.

My ex-wife has always been a Christian. I’ve mentioned that before. As such, she has always taken my son to church. I’m telling you this so that I can now make sense of the title for you. It refers to how my son used to sing that song: “The B-I-B-L-E, yes that’s the book for me…” blah blah blah. You probably know the rest. Caden used to sing it “The Bee Lie Bee Lie Eeee”. I don’t remember how old he was at the time.

On my mind today is the Bible. I have a Life Application Bible, New International Version. I can’t seem to get myself to open it much. I just don’t know where to start. And even when I do open it to some random scripture I can’t seem to spend much time in it. I just close it back up and go for a drive, listening to K-Love. I’m not a big fan of the music played on K-Love but for some reason it still raises my spirits and brings God’s presence into my car. And it’s so much easier than reading the Bible.

I’ve been going to church a lot, and I don’t bring my Bible with me most of the time. That’s partially because one of the churches I keep going back to has wireless internet, so when the message is being given I just log into, type in the scripture the preacher mentions, and then see what it says in several different translations. I type fast, so I take a lot of notes in Microsoft Word for Mac, and simply copy and paste the scriptures into those notes.

Then I go home feeling like I’ve done my Bible reading for the day. I can’t be the only one who feels this way, I’m sure.


Dear T.N. from Texas

Thank you so much for your email this morning. I took your advice and purchased Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. I’ve begun reading it already. In fact, I just stopped reading at the beginning of Chapter 5 because I was so excited I had to stop to write to you, and since this book has touched me so much already I wanted to do so right here on my blog. So many people read this blog and they need to know what an incredible book this is.

Thank you for taking the time to analyze me and reach out to me in understanding. Yes, you called it right. And I agree, after reading the first 4 chapters, that this book could have been written by me.

I like it so much that I forced Belinda to listen as I read a few chapters to her. She laughed in parts. Yawned in others.

I copied and pasted the email you wrote into Microsoft Word for Mac. I did this because I wanted to see how long your email was so that I could tell on you to those who read my blog. It was 7 pages, man, 7 pages! Two thousand five hundred seventy words, to be exact. And I read every one of those words and was touched that you took the time to write them.

Your email shows that you have an obvious love for people, and you must read people well because you read me perfectly. This is indeed the book I need to be reading right now.

Thank you, my new friend. Thank you very much.

– Donny –

PS: to all the others who recommended this book, thank you as well. This particular person happened to email me a 7 page letter and explained to me (amongst other things) WHY he thought I should be reading this book. And since he made so much effort, I decided to drive down to the Christian bookstore right away. He was right on.


Book Suggestions, Anyone?

Since surrendering my life to God on September 25th, 2006, I have received so much advice from other people that it’s almost overwhelming. Several different books have been recommended. In response to all of those recommendations I have:

Not read a single one of them!

Why not? Because the number is so large I have no idea where to start. So I’m bringing it here to my blog. Some readers were very helpful recommending music. Let’s see if you can now help me decide what books I should read.

Speaking of reading: I’ve always loved to read. Part of that reason is because my parents threw out the television for 7 years while I was growing up, not long after I started school. That had to have been one of the best things they ever did. Instead of filling my mind with random moving images that held no educational value, I filled my mind with random moving images created by my imagination in response to words I read on paper.

As part of the strengthening process, I am anxious to read something written by Christian authors. I’d like to start with something non-fiction. But it also needs to be interesting.

Anything come to mind?