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Former Local Porn Producer Finds God

The headline on the front of the Chico News & Review reads:
Not-So-Naked Ambition: Former Local Porn Producer Finds God

Donny in the Chico News & Review

The inside of the paper tells the story:
Donny in the Chico News & Review

Click here to read it online. If you’re local, the story was printed this past Thursday (August 2, 2007). Pick up a copy and let me know what you think.

PS – If you read the story and have questions about that “seminary” part: yes, it’s true… I’m in the process of enrolling in Seminary. Lots of paperwork, I tell ya! In a few years, if all goes as planned, I’ll actually be “Pastor Donny”. From Porn Producer to Pastor? Weird, eh? Wendy doesn’t like the sound of it, for some reason. It’s been a “done deal” for quite awhile now, I just haven’t blogged about it here yet (XXXChurch has on their blog and on their MySpace page). It’s on the list of things to tell ya.