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Failed Faith: Street Talk

This type of thing is right up my alley!

Jason Harper Writes:

We just posted a podcast called Failed Faith: Street Talk. Some are didn’t like it. In fact, some of the religious persuasion are upset that we recorded the conversation, much less, posted in online. I do not apologize.

Failed Faith is an honest assessment. Many people within faith have a stunted ability to accurately explain their belief without clouding it with the comforts of religious clichés. When asked how or why one should believe, those whom have a failed faith can’t give a reasonable or relevant explanation. They boast a shallow answer that uses circular reasoning, anecdote, and subjective theory. No depth that considers logic.

When asked, “Why is the Bible true?” they respond. They say, “Because the Bible says it’s true.” Failed Faith refuses to go beyond itself to explain itself. When that answer is deemed deficient, they get defensive and argumentative.

I’ve engaged them. Yes, those under the steeple of the church. I’ve asked them to explain in common language how or why an unchurched or pre-Christian should believe. They come back with less each time.

Failed Faith is recording that we made by capturing the essence of shallow speaking on the streets. We found people who wore their faith on their sleeve. We engaged them to kindly walk us through the process. When they used terms that a common citizen would not understand, we asked them to explain. We were not combative. We were not there to argue. We were just inquisitive.

Two final thoughts I’d like to share.

First, if you are a person of faith, I challenge you to become familiar with a working knowledge of what you believe, but WHY you believe it. Please check combative tones at the door. Please abandon judgmentalism. Please disregard dogma. Instead seek to listen. Seek to understand, before you seek to be understood.

Second, if you are person who has not prescribed to any faith, consider the claims of Christ. You may be like the hundreds of others I have encountered. They don’t have problem with Jesus, in fact they revere Him. You may, like me, just have a problem with some of those whom speak on his behalf.

Regardless, listen. Go to and click on the podcast headphones. Listen to Episode 134: Failed Faith Street Talk.

Until then, hope.


Good stuff, Jason!