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XXXChurch: New Site & HackFest 2008 - New Design - ScreenshotXXXCHURCH.COM SITE REDESIGN

The new site redesign has been launched. Click here to check it out. I had a blog called “the Industry” located on their site, but since I only updated it once every month or two Craig decided to simply link to this blog instead. Craig and I talked about having an RSS feed from here that would automatically repost articles to but I don’t see it so I guess that idea was scrapped. There are several new columns on the site written by numerous others so check it out. And leave them COMMENTS. Those of us who write really get a big kick out of your feedback. That means you’re reading. That means we’re not talking to ourselves.


To explain what Hackfest is, I’ll quote Craig Gross:

Once a year we gather together and try and raise some money for the ministry. We do this by playing 100 holes of golf and none of us our golfers. Each of the staff will assemble a team. We’re playing 100 holes of golf in one day and the goal is to raise $25 a hole. You can start by sponsoring yourself at $1 a hole, that’s a $100 donation from yourself, then ask others to do the same. If that means getting 24 people to donate $1 per hole each, 5 people to donate $5 a hole, whatever… It’s up to you. You don’t have to collect the money. All you need is an address, phone or email from the person so we can contact them and collect. This is where those booklets will come in handy. ALSO, if you’re not living in the Grand Rapids area, we will fly you here, put you up and feed you.

Since I like to be flown in, put up, and fed, I’m looking for sponsors. I’m taking Craig’s advice and sponsoring myself for $1 per hole. Which means I’m invested a hundred bucks.

The goal is $25 per hole total, so I need 24 more sponsors at a buck a hole or… well, I’m sure you can do the math.

If you’d like to sponsor this hacker, please email me and let me know what address/phone number to put on file for XXXChurch to collect from later. I need your help, and so does XXXChurch.

Besides… I hear Rob Bell is going to be there. I want to golf with Rob. Really badly. And I’m not gonna stop buggin’ y’all until I’ve reached my sponsorship goal. Seriously.