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The Seduction of Barack Obama

We all just wanna be big rock stars, and live in hilltop mansions drivin’ fifteen cars.


When I was producing pornography I had several means of recruiting…  I’d pay existing models for referrals.  I’d hand out business cards to girls I met in public.  I’d run ads in local newspapers:

MODELS NEEDED! Ages 18 & Up.  $500 per day. (Phone number). (Website address).

Nudity wasn’t mentioned.  Why not?  Because the girls I wanted wouldn’t respond if it was.  I specialized in first time, never before seen, girl next door types.

If I answered the phone when a prospective model called I knew exactly how to handle the conversation.  I guided her through it like a champ.  I’m not going to go into detail, but will instead leave it at this:  I addressed her concerns before she had a chance to voice them herself.  Why?  Because by doing so it felt as if I understood her.  It made me seem more “safe”.  Some of the things I said made it feel okay to just “go check things out” without obligation.

“I understand” is very powerful.  Identifying with someone goes a long way.

Once she arrived for her interview, I let the location do the selling: things were laid out in a very appealing manner.  A lifestyle was portrayed, and potential models painted themselves into it without much effort on my part.  “Porn can give me this?”

The unspoken reply?  “Yeah, baby, it can.”

Seduction is the process of deliberately enticing a person to engage in some sort of behavior. Nearly all of us like to be seduced in some way.

My style of recruiting was total seduction.  Which leads me to Barack Obama…


Barack Obama is a master of seduction.  He draws us in.  He paints a picture for us… a picture we want to become a part of… and he sells that picture exceptionally well.

I want to believe that Barack Obama is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings with a single bound.

My gut tells me to vote for John McCain, but I want to be seduced.

Much can be accomplished by a Rock Star President, loved by countries around the world, who is the exact opposite of the boring 72 year old career politician he is running against.

As I learned in the adult world, if you make people FEEL good, they’ll do things they’ve never before considered.  And they’ll do it with a smile.


Abortion is a big deal to me, but as one of my favorite Christian authors, Donald Miller, wrote on his blog early this morning, abortions decreased by 18% under Pro-Choice Bill Clinton.  I’d like to think the same type of results can happen with an Obama Presidency, because he has a plan in mind to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Growing the economy from the ground up sounds very good to me.  When Barack Obama says the economy will grow when the poor have more money to buy the products marketed by the rich, I’d like to think he’s right.

I’d like to think Barack Obama is the right man for the job.

I like being seduced.

Do I go with my gut feeling, or do I vote for the hope of change?


Tonight I sat down and marked my sample ballot with every choice I’ll be making tomorrow morning when I arrive at my polling place.

I’ve marked off the “yes” position beside Prop 2 because I think farm animals deserve the right to be able to turn around in their cages.

I’ve marked off the “yes” position beside Prop 8 because, while I have no objections to homosexual couples receiving visitation rights with sick partners and all the other legal benefits afforded married heterosexuals, I DO NOT think it’s fair, for instance, to ask the Boy Scouts to admit Girls into their club, and to bully them into doing so by throwing around words like “equality for all”.  Let them start their OWN club.  Let “marriage” remain between one man and one woman.  Like the Girl Scouts, “equality” can still be enjoyed even if the new club has a different name.

I’ve placed my mark of choice beside every proposition, beside the name of the man I’d like to have serve as my US Congressman, beside the name of the man I’d like to see as my State Assemblyman, and beside the names of those I’d like to see on my city council.

I’ve also marked off a position beside one of the two major candidates for President of the United States of America, and I’m at peace with my decision.

But I’m not telling you who I ultimately chose.