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Hey Mary Kay Users, Read This!

My friend Shawna is a Mary Kay rep and is a little short of her goal. If you’re a Mary Kay user help her out and order something today (preferably before 9pm EST).

Just go to the website, pick out what you want, and then call or email her so she can place the order for you.

Her contact information is:

Phone: (678) 953-2087

I’ll let Shawna post some of her current specials as a comment below.  In the meantime, just look at what Mary Kay did for me:

Donny in Makeup


As you know, I don’t mind making fun of myself, and this photo is perfect for this post.

But here’s the real story behind it:

The pic was taken during my days as a porn producer.  Along with my friend John and his wife Jennifer, my ex-girlfriend Belinda and I went to an Aerosmith concert.  After drinking a LOT of beer, John and I were pretty wasted by the time the concert was over.  So when the girls told us they wanted to put makeup on us it seemed like an amusing,  great idea.  The pic you see is what Belinda did to me.  The photo of John has never been publicly seen.  Perhaps I should show it here…

What do you think, John?  🙂


In the meantime, please help Shawna out if you can.  Thanks!